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Brides wearing red lipstick

The Hollywood classic is back. Pouty matte red lips for brides. Of course, combined with a soft tone foundation and defined eye brows will enhance the look.

The key is to pick the right shade for your skin tone. This is where the make up specialists come in handy. Make an appointment at your local department store to try on difference shades of red. Try on as many as it takes. You are looking for the shade that compliments your skin tone, hair and eyes. You might invite a couple friends to help you make the final selection. Sometimes when a great deal of pressure is placed on your decision, it is better to have a good support team to help.

A Marilyn Monroe red is a great look or perhaps Gwen Stephany. For a great glam look, two of my favorite colors are "Charmed I'm sure" and "Deeply Ibis" by MAC “.

Remember to always use a lip primer to start – apply it like a balm and leave for a few minutes. Once it’s gone tacky, apply the lipstick. With a good primer, you shouldn’t even need to reapply throughout the day.

Lastly, always apply your lipstick before your liner. Once the base layer’s on, use tiny dash-like motions to define the lip line. Then use a little concealer on a flat brush to clean the edges for the perfect red pout.

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